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About the Practitioner

Karen Miller BSN, LMT

Educational Background:

West Virginia Wesleyan College degree BSN

Baltimore School of Massage

National Academy of Massage Therapy and Healing Sciences.

Practice Philosophy:

I strongly believe in empowering each client through education and individualized massage therapy sessions.  With my nursing background I believe massage therapy is appropriate for most people, with challenging medical diagnoses.  I am always open to working with a persons health care team to find the right technique for the best outcomes.   It is essential to surround each of our clients with professionals that are experts in their field.  I offer exceptional service to each client by exceeding professional standards through our staff’s continued education and personal development.

Why I chose Massage Therapy:

I have a PASSION to help people reach their best possible state of health, on all levels: body, mind and spirit.

I THRIVE in being given the privilege and honor of becoming a part of my clients’ health care team.

I STRIVE to give individualized massage sessions for my clients’ mental or physical health goals.

I LOVE to help people grow and find their balance within themselves in life, body, mind, and spirit, one massage at a time!

My three amazing children will vouch for my love of balanced health in a wide variety of ways including creating healthy dishes, getting out into the amazing healing power of nature, i.e. bird watching, hiking in the woods or skipping rocks in a stream.  I love to travel and explore new places, cultures and foods.  Candle making is my newest hobby that has captured my creative spirit.  Massage therapy teaches me to find a calm balance within myself which transfers to any activity, making it all the more enjoyable!


Tracy Beach LMT


Tracy has a love and passion for being a massage therapist and working with a variety of different clients.  She truly enjoys the challenge of working thru each persons goals finding the best modality to reduce pain and stiffness bringing you to balance body mind and spirit.  She can send you to the zone with an amazing relaxation massage.  Her true calling though is in therapeutic and deeper pressure work finding just the right technique to melt sore tired constricted muscles to improve range of motion and decrease pain. Tracy has advanced education in multiple deeper pressure techniques as well as prenatal massage and Reiki.

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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